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The Pros and Cons of Moving out to the Country



Around North America, people have been fleeing their cramped city apartments to spread out in the country. Much of this was spurred on by COVID-19 and the advancements of being able to work from home.


In fact, Statistics Canada found that during the first series of pandemic lockdowns, between July 2019 and July 2020, 50,375 more people left Toronto for other areas of Ontario than vice versa. Similar data was also shown with the rest of the major cities in Canada.


Pro 1: The Price is Right

It’s no secret that real estate gets less and less expensive the farther you move from the city center. In 2019, the average house price for a detached home in Toronto was  $1.3 million, whereas, in the Durham region, a detached home is around $722, 822 on average, which is nearly half the price.


What’s more, city residents have to pay higher land transfer and property taxes, not to mention the cost of restaurants and entertainment are high in the city as well.


However, if you continue to work and commute to the city while living outside, the cost of commuting can become a burden, even if you ditch your car.


Pro 2: More Space

You might only be able to afford a condo in Toronto, but in Durham, you might be able to find a detached house in the same price range.


More space can give you a much higher quality of life because it supports hobbies like gardening, pottery, or storing sports equipment like skis, canoes, and so on. Many millennials are also flocking to the country for more space to start farming projects.


Pro 3: Peace and Quiet

Having peace and quiet but realizing you are distant from everything are two sides of the same coin. Everyone loves the added quiet that distance brings, but then you realize you are far from amenities and friends, and just about everything else. So in this case, peace and quiet can be a pro or a con because it just depends on your perspective and your biggest priority.


Con 1: Distance From Everything

Being in the country is much more remote for people who have grown accustomed to having just about everything they could ever need a few subway stops away. What’s more, new residents to the country can experience some culture shock in seeing just how different things really are.


There can be a mixed blessing here, though, because distance from everything may be exactly what you’re looking for. Or maybe you find one of those close-knit rural communities that seems to only exist on TV. However, chances are, moving out to the country or the suburbs will be isolating at moments, and so this is a real consideration.


Con 2: Walkability

This loss is felt more deeply for some than for others. If you already like to drive, then this might not be such a big deal. If you love the more environmentally friendly forms of commuting like walking, cycling, or riding the bus, then this will be a significant downside. You will also be more car reliant because there isn’t likely to be a car hiring service like Uber or Lyft available to you if you want to go out and have a few cocktails or need a ride.


Con 3: Maintenance

You will have more space, but it will come with a hefty price, and you won’t even be able to outsource your life in the same way you can in the city. We get really comfortable living in the city, hiring people to clean our house, walk our dogs, do our landscaping, and much more. Once you’re in the country, those same services won’t necessarily be available.


Moving to the country is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With every positive aspect, there is a flip side. Speaking to a knowledgeable realtor like Bargain Max can help sort through the confusion. For a decision as big as this, you want to enlist the right help, and we want to be there for you.

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