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Key Points to Check on Home Exteriors

When looking to purchase a home, especially if for the first time, checking some key parts of the exterior is important to make sure everything is transparent, and that one’s potential investment is sound. These are also crucial parts of the home to check regularly once moved in to avoid any damage and inconvenience as much as possible. Ideally, all questionable or problematic aspects of the home are disclosed during the buying process by the sellers. Still, there is always the chance of dishonesty or a simple lack of attention or knowledge. As such, carrying out one’s own inspections, usually with professional assistance, is in order before settling on a property. The following are the top exterior areas to pay attention to when shopping around the market and purchasing.


The first step in checking out the existing roofing is simply looking up from ground level and taking a few steps back in order to assess the general state. This, and getting up on a ladder, can clue one into if shingles are warped, curling, broken, or missing, which may require a more in-depth inspection and evaluation by specialists. Similarly, one needs to watch out for the wearing away of shingle granules, rusted protective flashing, or any unfortunate water leakage problems. A good quality roof should not be taken lightly, as it is integral to protecting a home and its residents from the elements and provides a form of insulation. This is why catching issues as early as possible is imperative, avoiding irreversible damage and increased costs down the road. 

Downspouts and Gutters

Like the roof, the gutter system must be checked for its integrity and level of maintenance up to that point. The downspouts and gutters are crucial to keeping excess water from gathering too close to the house and its foundation, leading to the deterioration of the foundation and basement leakages. Hopefully, the previous owners have regularly checked the system and cleared away clogs of debris, which can interrupt water flow and cause running down exterior walls. It is also important to check up on if gutters are secured well. For instance, there should be no gapping between the gutter and roof. Downspouts should also be confirmed as directing excess water at a minimum of 5 feet away from the building.


The trim of windows and doors especially needs checking for any rotting signs. This can easily occur without proper maintenance, especially if the gutter system has a faulty history. Viewers need to pay attention to exposed bits of wood and must make sure the overall integrity of trims is up to the task of protecting a house and its residents.


For a home’s siding, potential buyers need to pay attention to any chipped area of paint. As mentioned with trimming, any exposed wood found while inspecting should be noted, as it is susceptible to rotting. Similarly, gapping or cracking is a hazard as far as weathering the elements and keeping out pests. Furthermore, one must look for any warped or building areas, indicating more extensive damage below. This part of an inspection is essential in order to promote proper insulation capabilities and may lead to more convenient replacements with material like vinyl if needed.


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