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Decluttering Homes for Open Houses

Showing a home through public open houses and tours can be pivotal in selling the house. When set up well and with intention, seeing the possibilities and potential of the property can encourage prospective buyers to view it as a real option. Staging a home, for one, can play a big role in this, as well as simply cleaning up and making the home look its best. Cleaning up belongings and decluttering can also help to tangibly initiate letting go of the home, and further assist the sellers by beginning the packing up process. The following are some helpful areas to focus on when selling.

Focus on the Most Visible Areas

As the purpose of open houses and tours is to give home shoppers an accurate idea of a home’s interior features, sellers must ensure places where visitors will likely peek, are clean. This also means these spaces are not being used excessively for additional storage. Decluttering is especially important in showing prospective buyers the space inside the home is plentiful. As such, avoiding clutter even in semi-hidden spots, like under couches or beds, is essential in order to avoid giving the wrong impression of a place cramped for room. This is besides the apparent importance of giving the overall impression of cleanliness and orderliness to make viewers feel more welcome and interested.

Store Unused Clothing

Another important point when decluttering is packing away or getting rid of extra unused clothes. The bulk can be a turnoff for touring viewers for those with a sizable wardrobe, complete with items for all seasons. As designated storage closets, cabinets, and drawers need to be tidied, packing up excessive items in one’s apparel collection and putting them out of view is essential. 

Guard and Store Sensitive Items

Compiling all important and sensitive documents is a more specific aspect of organizing and decluttering for showings and open houses. Many people already do this, but quite a few homeowners need to safely put their personal papers and information away before allowing strangers into their homes. Whether bills, certificates, or vital records, these items are best placed together in a locked cabinet or desk. This is both for obvious safety reasons and creating a more inviting space, should visitors look through regular drawers, etc.

Make Use of Quick Storage Solutions

Using the existing storage spaces inside a home, like empty or semi-empty cabinets and closets, helps to clear up more high-traffic areas of the house. That being said, these home features should be fairly well-organized themselves, in case potential buyers should want to take a look and get a feel for storage space. However, this does not incur extra work in the process of decluttering. Rather, it facilitates reviewing all that one has and clarifies what should stay and what should go. This makes for a clear and pleasant touring experience. This also helps the moving party start early and gradually with the packing up.

When in a real pinch, it’s also handy to have a few totes or storage containers for quick clearing. One per room doesn’t look too unsightly, even during official showings. They can also be stored temporarily in less important house areas, like the garage, if inside space is tight. 


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