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Are you looking to hire a Brampton Real Estate agent who can save you money in negotiating the best offers on houses for sale in Brampton on your behalf? I am a Licensed REALTOR®, Real Estate Agent specializing in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Toronto, and other cities within Greater Toronto Area (GTA). I am proud to be a real estate agent with eXp realty brokerage, the fastest-growing cloud-based brokerage. Many Brampton REALTORS® are part of this growing brokerage.

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Rishi Kapoor

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Rishi Kapoor

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4711 Yonge St 10th Floor,
Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K8

Are you searching for Real Estate Agents in Brampton, Ontario, Canada? Call REALTOR® Rishi Kapoor of eXp Realty Brokerage at 1-416-473-5064 to find your dream house in Brampton.

Whenever you are looking to buy your first dream house or sell your home in the highest amount or looking for an investment property in Brampton or in the Peel region, please feel free to contact me via SMS text, phone or email should you like to see any MLS® properties located in your desired neighbourhood in the city of Brampton. My job as a real estate agent in Brampton is to facilitate the sale or purchase of any real estate on behalf of my client.

I will be more than happy to help potential buyers or investors not only find the right home but educate them so they can make informed decisions on buying, selling, and investments.

I will arrange a private in-person showing of any property in Brampton. Please be advised that open houses are not allowed for now due to Covid-19 protocols. If you want to meet me at my brokerage's head office at 4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, you can find driving directions to my office on Bing Maps. You can also find us on Yellow Pages and Yelp.

I did my Real Estate salesperson program from Humber College and achieved top A+ grades in all real estate courses.

Please check my Real Estate Agent's profile on the Realtor.ca website. When you hire me as your Brampton REALTOR®, I can also provide you with a free market evaluation of your Brampton home based on the comparable properties listed and sold in your neighbourhood.

To inquire about a house for sale in Brampton, please get in touch with me.

If you plan to buy a pre-construction condo unit anywhere in Ontario, please check my new online portal for the pre-construction condominium projects in different cities in Ontario, Canada.

Do you want to know more about real estate? Please find the latest market updates on my real estate blog.

Why Hire Rishi Kapoor As A Real Estate Agent In Brampton, Ontario?

Why come to us?

If you are a first-time homebuyer or planning to invest in real estate in the Brampton or Peel regions, I can help you fulfill your real estate dreams. I am a full-service REALTOR® with eXp Realty Brokerage, and based in Brampton City and have full access to all the MLS® tools required to do my due diligence and learn the historical data of any property you plan to invest or buy in Brampton, Mississauga, or Caledon. Our researched content on various towns in Ontario makes it even easier to find and plan your investment.

Innovative Home Search Technology & Detailed Brampton Real Estate Information

Our home search engine searches the latest MLS® listings to offer you the homes for sale in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, and other cities in Ontario. I work around the clock to make your home buying or selling experience smooth and seamless.

What Real Estate Services Will I provide to my Seller Clients?

  • I will protect and promote the best interests of my seller clients.
  • Full MLS® Listing.
  • I will negotiate the best price, terms, and closing dates on behalf of my seller clients.
  • Free no-obligation Comparative Market Analysis report of your home.
  • I will elevate the digital footprint of your house.
  • Frequent open house until your house is sold** open houses are subject to COVID-19 protocols.
  • Provide references for third parties such as painters, electricians, home inspectors, movers, lawyers, accountants.
  • Full service until your real estate transaction is complete.

What Real Estate Services Will I provide to my Buyer Clients?

  • I will protect and promote the best interests of my buyer clients.
  • I will help you find a dream home within your budget and preferred neighbourhood.
  • Negotiate the best price for your dream house.
  • Protect you by adding mortgage financing and home inspection clauses.
  • Free email alert of houses matching your budget and requirements.
  • Free Market analysis of the neighbourhood houses before submitting an offer.
  • Help you make an informed decision by explaining the pros and cons in multiple offer scenarios.
  • Provide third-party references for cleaners, movers, lawyers, accountants.
  • Explain the importance of site location when buying investment real estate projects.

Tips for buying or selling in Real Estate Market

Buying, selling, and moving can be complicated. Whether you are planning to sell your existing home, or you're buying your first home, or you've made a choice to invest in real estate, there are several things you will need to do.

Here is the breakdown of key steps involved in the above to make each situation as simple as possible.

How to Prepare Your Home Before Selling

So, you’re looking to pack up and move to a new property. What do you need to do before selling your home to ensure everything runs smoothly?

First, you will need to focus on decluttering. This means getting rid of the items that you no longer need or want. This includes all those things you've been keeping in the spare room for years just in case you need them! This will not only make the interior of your house look cleaner and tidier when potential buyers come to view it, but it will also make it much easier for you to pack up and move your belongings to a new home. Fewer items mean fewer boxes, and this means less effort and money has to be spent during the move.

It’s always important to depersonalize your home by removing any family pictures or other highly personal items. You may wish to do this before anybody comes to view the home. Place your photos and anything you want to keep private in boxes before you put your house up for sale on the market.

The outside area of your property is just as important as the inside. Make sure to landscape your outdoor space. The front garden or driveway is the first thing your potential buyers will see, so make a positive first impression by making the area look great. Grab a few tubs of paint and go over the walls and skirting boards. Ensure your house looks fresh and inviting to encourage your viewers to make an offer.

Top Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you're looking at buying your first dream home, you're probably filled with excitement. It can become overwhelming when you're trying to figure out exactly what to do in order to successfully make a purchase. Here are some top tips for all first-time buyers to make the process easier and smoother.

Firstly, it's always a better idea to get a pre-approval for your mortgage. This way, you know for sure that the mortgage is going to be accepted and you can, therefore, start to properly plan out finances. As a real estate agent, I will recommend at least three mortgage advisors who can help you in your financing goals.

It can be easy to go over your budget when you're bidding for a home. You've found your dream property, and you want it to be yours! However, be sensible and bid only the amount you can afford with your current savings and your pre-approved mortgage. Price bidding wars are going on, and the multiple offers are not just limited to Brampton or GTA areas, it is everywhere now. I will analyze and explain the pros and cons of multiple offers to you so that you can make an informed decision on the offer. Don't forget that there are also additional legal costs and moving expenses.

I will highly recommend that you get a home inspection of the new property. A professional home inspector will take a detailed looked at the interior and exterior of the property to check for any major structural issues that will need to be addressed. If they spot any problems, the current homeowner will be liable to resolving them. Alternatively, you can always tell the real estate agent for the price to be lowered to reflect any major problems with the property.

Try to find a home that has a legal basement apartment. The basement can serve as extra storage or a living space for you and your family, or you can rent out the basement to tenants to earn additional income.

What are the frequently Asked Questions before you Interview different Brampton real estate agents?

What is working with a REALTOR® form?

This form explains the difference between different services a real estate agent will provide. The main difference is between client representation and customer service relationships. If you sign as a client, the real estate agent will promote and protect your best interests in a real estate transaction. If you want to use your REALTOR® for customer service, a real estate agent does not owe you fiduciary duties.

What are Multiple representations in a real estate transaction?

Multiple representations occur when the real estate agency/brokerage represents more than one client in a single transaction. It means they represent two or more clients in the same deal, so their duties are limited. It can happen when the same brokerage represents both buyer and seller in the same transaction, or a brokerage represents multiple buyers through the same real estate agent or through different REALTORS®. Please call me, and I will explain you in detail. You can also read more about multiple representation on the Real Estate Council of Ontario's website.

What is a multiple offer scenario in real estate, and can I know the offer price from my real estate agent before putting in an offer?

Multiple offers occur when more than one offer for a house is registered. The listing agent is obligated to advise the number of competing bids whereas he cannot disclose the contents of the offer, like how much is the price of each bid? and this is a bidding war scenario. Your real estate agent will discuss the pros and cons of multiple offer scenarios so that you can make an informed decision.

Do I need to pay a total commission of 1% when the listing advertisement says 1% listing commission only?

No, 1% is the listing brokerage commission only. You need to pay for the cooperating brokerage also in case they bring buyers for your home. Total commission is the listing commission plus the cooperating brokerage commission in most cases. Cooperating brokerage is the real estate brokerage that brings the buyer for your property. The total commission is split between the listing brokerage and the cooperating brokerage based on your listing agreement. Please also note that the total commission is subject to HST.

What is the difference between a Real estate agent and a REALTOR®?

You can use a real estate agent and REALTOR® title interchangeably. Both these designations are approved job titles by the real estate council of Ontario. You are allowed to use the REALTOR® logo if you are member of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

Why do I need to hire a real estate agent when I can sell my house privately?

You can put your house on sale privately, but a real estate agent knows the current real estate market conditions, has more marketing reach through the MLS® platform, and knows the negotiation process better than you. If you list your house with a REALTOR®, he will list your home on MLS®, and all other real estate agents who are looking for properties for their clients will get access to your listing, so your house will get more marketing and exposure through the real estate agent.

Who holds my deposit check before the closing date?

In most cases, the listing brokerage holds the deposit check in their real estate trust account, but in some cases, a lawyer may hold the deposit check in their trust account.

Will I get my deposit back if my home financing or home inspection condition is not satisfactory?

Yes, you will get your initial deposit back if your real estate agent has added these clauses to protect yourself in the agreement of purchase and sale. If you cannot fulfill any of these conditions, all parties will sign the mutual release agreement, and you will get your deposit back.

What is the benefit of getting my mortgage pre-approved?

In today's multiple bidding wars, sellers will prefer offers with no financing conditions, so getting your mortgage pre-approved from the lenders in advance is essential. It may help you win the bidding wars. It also helps you decide how much you can afford on your home purchase.

What other legal fees do I need to pay other than the real estate commission when selling my home?

Besides the real estate commission, you need to hire a lawyer and pay his legal fees for the closing process.

Got more questions about hiring a real estate agent in Brampton? Just drop me a line or call REALTOR® Rishi Kapoor at 1-416-473-5064, and I will be happy to help you.